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​Obituary for Ted Kallman who left us all too soon. He passed away on Christmas Day, 2019 at home:

Flow Videos  -  The Unified Vision Framework (UVF)

1-minute Flow (Vision Simplified)       5-minute overview (Ted)     10-minute lightning talk (Andrew)     30-min PBS interview (Ted)       

Transformations fail 70% of the time. Traditional projects 86% & even Agile fails 58% of the time. We will help you succeed!


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Businesses have a vision. It's a journey and we use Flow, the Unified Vision Framework & VSPT to get you there.​

Are you 'in the zone' of optimal performance right now as a person, team or enterprise? Let us show you how!

“Creating optimal high-performance for Individuals, teams and enterprises.”

Flow is available in bookstores and online.

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