Flow is what's next!

Vision + Right People + the 4D Model = Success!

All three elements in the formula above must be in place to succeed.
But, if one is fractured, missing and/or broken then you will get: 

...with the Unified Vision Framework (UVF)

Morgan James Publishing has scheduled the release of Ted and Andrew’s new book, "Flow" in the very near future.  In this book they share 15 unique case studies from multiple industries that document well over USD $100 million in value-add using Flow and the Unified Vision Framework. These proprietary frameworks increased sales, reduced costs or mitigated risks to deliver these remarkable results.  

Many companies are experiencing management and leadership "heartburn" regardless of whether or not they started out as an "agile" start-up or are a mature enterprise in the middle of a waterfall-to-agile transformation.  In Flow, we share the tools and techniques that we've distilled into the Unified Vision Framework that enables an organization to enjoy the benefits of becoming "agile" without disturbing the culture or its existing, high-performing teams.

Our most recent blog post is titled: "Vision Flow - Successful Organizations. It shares one of the case studies included in Flow.  It is a retrospective about a project in Singapore that was totally up in flames (projected to be 300% over budget and 2 years past deadline) and that no one thought it could be saved. 

In 90 days the project went from "impossible" to profitable, delivered ahead of schedule and under budget. This blog post outlines how to immediately apply Flow in your situation. Contact us today to learn how you and your organization can create and sustain Flow.

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