Leading Agile Governance

"Flow" is what's next!

Flow:  Beyond Agile
...with the Unified Vision Framework (UVF)

Our new book, "FLOw:  Beyond Agile" will be released in print during this summer, 2015.  In this book we share a number of case studies, that document over US$100 million value-added, to date, by the UVF (i.e. increased sales, cost savings/avoidance and/or risk mitigation/elimination).

Many companies are experiencing the same "heartburn" regardless of whether or not they started out as an "agile" start-up or are a mature enterprise in the middle of a waterfall-to-agile transformation.  In "Flow," we share the tools and techniques that we've distilled into the Unified Vision Framework that allows an organization to enjoy the benefits of becoming "agile" without disturbing the culture of existing, high-performing teams.

One of our recent blog posts addresses "How to Get Started with Agile Governance" and, for example, there are only a handful of facilitators that have the skill, experience and battle scars to be able to successfully facilitate a big-room planning event (like our Walkabout Workshop) with 250 participants, or more.  We've done this exercise with upwards of 50 companies and organizations both in North America and Europe.

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